Thursday, August 15, 2013

Changes to the website already!!

DC James Website

Well, I knew I wouldn't get everything correct right off the bat but I've already been told that I talk too much on the website.  Ha!

On my browse erotica tab I had thought to use that as a way to inform readers about my stories, try to tell them a little about what went into making it, etc.  But in the end people go to blogs to read such things and when they want to browse erotica...the want to browse erotica!

Ok, ok.  So I've spent the last several days going back through and changing things, now I have a small blurb up for each story when you click on Info and then an actual excerpt from the story of a hot, sexual scene and I'll leave it at that.  I've been told if the scene can't speak for itself then no amount of words I wrap around it are going to make a difference.  Point taken. :)

So all of this has delayed my Pizza boy story, which has been flopping back and forth in my mind from an "abduct him and bang him" style to a more pleasant, "seduce him with promises style"  I've got a bit of the intro finished but I'm still not certain which direction the story is going to take.

I still have several stories that I need to get onto my website, after that I can happily devote myself to writing once more ... at least until the next thing comes up that I have to take time out to learn.

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