Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What's Happening!


My erotica website is in its infancy and I am continually adding content.  I'm having to write up self reviews about my stories and re-size all my covers so that they fit neatly on the pages as well as continue to hold down my other obligations like writing stories!

One thing I wanted to note is that I'm kicking this off by making one of my earlier stories permanently free.  I may need to re-order my website at sometime in the future as I grow the volume of my stories, but for now I'll just have them all grouped together.


The story that is free is called Public Sex:  Dining Out.  You can read about it on my website under Browse Erotica and you'll find some download buttons there so you can purchase it for Free at any of the available stores.  Some stores may still have it listed as $2.99, it takes them a while to catch up when I make pricing changes so please make sure that it says FREE on the store site before you click!

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