Thursday, August 22, 2013

What's taking me so long?

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I'm feeling bad about not progressing this faster so thought I'd explain it real quick.  After fixing my website so that it was less "wordy", as a friend put it, I've been trying to get all my stories updated so that they have a link in the back of them to my website.

The previous way of doing the "back matter" of the book was to just link all my stories in them.  This was a pain because it meant I had to re-publish every story each time I released a new one.  Now I have several more stories I've published and it became an unsightly, unwieldy mess.

I get a lot of wisdom by reading the thoughts and advice of fellow erotica authors and it just made sense to copy their efforts and get this all simplified and add the new content to a website so that I never have to touch the stories again.  Should have done that from the start but I was already overwhelmed by everything just trying to see if I wanted to be a writer and wasn't sure I could handle a website too.   However I do, so I did and now here I am. :)

So the hold up right now is going back through each story, for each different online retailer and updating the back-matter contents to simplify them and get the word out about my website!  I plan to wrap that up this weekend as well as get a few more stories up on the website and then devote the rest of my free time to banging out this Pizza Boy Delivery! story.

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